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Alam School for Speech & Learning:

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November 2015 served as an important milestone in SADA’s journey to help hearing impaired children as “Alam School for Speech and Learning” came into being. 30 students are currently enrolled in the school. The main aim of this free school is to prepare the children for mainstream education. The students are provided with quality education, speech therapy facilities, comprehensive audiology checkups along with the regular support by the child psychologist and nutritionist. The running cost of Alam school is  PKR 350,000/month which is borne by SADA.

Audiology Clinic at Lahore General Hospital, Lahore:

SADA started an Audiology Clinic in collaboration with Lahore General Hospital, for free testing and rehabilitation of children belonging to poor families.

Neonatal Hearing Screening

SADA has taken up the responsibility of screening neonates so as to prevent against chance of long term hearing issues.
So far SADA has screened 100 high risk babies in Sheikh Zayed Hospital and Services Hospital , Lahore.
We hope to take this mission further and make it more prosperous.

Projects in Pipeline:

  • Neonatal Hearing Screening Mobile Unit
  • New campus for Alam School
  • Establishment of Audiology Lab for the earliest screening and rehabilitation of underprivileged hearing impaired children in Pakistan